5 Reasons to Spice up Your Winter Wardrobe

Colder temps have us all wondering how to stay warm but... chic! Here's a little bit of extra motivation.

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Winter is coming. Whether we like it or not! Pumpkin Spice is at our heels with Peppermint Mocha at our front. The struggle to stay chic and warm all at once is real.

1. Beat Seasonal Depression

When you look good, you feel good, and you perform better! When an outfit comes together for me I am beyond excited and that serotonin boost keeps me going for a few days. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as it is also referred to, usually starts around fall then gets worse with Daylight Savings and colder days. Although serious, there are ways we can combat the disorder. One way is to give ourselves focus. Focusing on our career, our homes, ourselves! A new outfit is a sure-fire way we can all fight back against SAD!

2. For Your Health

I personally struggle with Vitamin D deficiency and am more than a bit worried about things getting even worse during winter. People don't usually think about the sun and winter at the same time, but we still need to soak up the sun during the winter. Hitting the town in that new outfit or with that new purse can easily get you reacquainted with Mr. Sun. Fun Fact: Melatonin levels in our body may rise during the winter. So avoid taking those sleep gummies!

3. Switch it Up with Color

During the winter we typically see a lot of browns, blacks, greys, and white. I know if I see too much of this around or in my closet, I start to feel down and not as vibrant as I would in Spring or Summer. This is why we can switch things up with a pop of color! Color psychology says that black can represent coldness, grey sadness, and white shock and fear. So this season, I've added mint green and canary yellow to my fashion repertoire for this fall and winter season. The easiest way is to pick one color and buy many different pieces to mix and match with.

4. Winter Photo Ops

It's just something about a good winter coat that screams high fashion! Fur by the fire, bubble coats on the slopes, or a sleek trench in the city. You could even get a shot of snow falling in your picture! It is a little frustrating realizing you need another person to get a particular shot. So this is an amazing opportunity to invite friends! Good friends will support you and you'll get just what you're looking for. So channel your inner #fashionista and get those angles. Just think of the features you could get on Instagram! Remember to tag some fashion accounts and use hashtags. More importantly though...

5. Have Fun!

More than anything, having fun takes precedence. If you're not having fun, why do it? It may feel like a job at times, but ask yourself: "Is this a job I love?" If the answer is yes, you've found your niche! Fashion doesn't need to mean haute couture or luxury bags. There will always be an audience just for you, even if it's just your besties at first. So get out there, buy new or used, and make that camera flash!


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