Cheap and Chic

As a fashion enthusiast, I've always thought I needed to make 6 figures to even THINK about being stylish. Going to the mall and seeing $100+ price tags always left me feeling a little down. Stores like Rainbow and Jimmy Jazz weren't to my taste, but Nordstroms & Zara were just out of reach. Turning to online shopping was a major fail at first. Dealing with body dysmorphia, not wanting to measure myself for clothes, and an overwhelming spirit of impatience resulted in clothes that didn't fit and disappointment. Couple that with some major weight gain, and it's a recipe for countless days with no bra and soiled outfits.

Enter SHEIN.

After dealing with my issues and whipping out my tape measure, I started to see my style emerge. A $5 shirt was certainly in my price range and left me with more money to order other things. Although a Godsend, I still needed to be careful and look at the reviews at the bottom of the page. After getting the hang of that and even contributing, it all came together. My confidence shot up with each new outfit I put together. Personal photoshoots, Instagram posts, behind the scenes on Snapchat... it all became a part of my daily routine.

Now on this journey of self-discovery, I hope to inspire others to become their best self with low-cost clothing that can be sustained with intentional care. Thank you for coming on this ride!


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