How social media taught me to be my best self

After a break up there’s always a glow up!

Self  care

Let’s get real for a second. There comes a point in time where we realize we’ve let ourselves go after an unhealthy relationship and we need to revamp! Some of the ways I did this was by taking more photos of myself, dressing up more & just doing things that made ME happy. All without having to worry about someone else’s feelings and insecurities.

Shifting Focus

“When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive.”

That someone is you! The you that is stress-free. The you that has nothing and no one holding them back. The you that could take over the world! Imagine how much you may have accomplished without them and what you now do in spite of them. Once healing truly starts it will no longer be about revenge. It’s about self-improvement and maybe making yourself better for the next person that comes along.

Water meets its level.

You may have NEVER reached the heights you are destined for with someone who only wanted to stay on the ground. I heard something DEEP the other day about healing with another person. Compatibility is season-based. Two caterpillars are compatible until they both cocoon themselves. One can come out a butterfly, and the other a moth. One flies around during the day, the other at night. The two of you were only compatible when you were crawling around together. On the back end of that, this means that it will always be better to date when you are your best self!

Looking in the Mirror

Vanity is but the surface.” -Blaise Pascal

Photoshoots are amazingly fun! Makeup, hair, nails, clothes, shoes... The works! All social media platforms can validate all the energy you put into yourself with likes, views, shares, and follows. Even if you’re not in it for the clicks, just seeing yourself look good in your photo album can be intoxicating. It reminded me that I need to put down the phone sometimes & take care of myself through other means. To not let my self-worth be based on a click or a follow. It also reminded me that the outside should match my inside. Healing your broken parts is essential to let your true beauty shine through. While it’s hard to get the hang of, mastering it will unlock your final form.


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