Top Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

Need some inspiration for your Shein and Pretty Little Thing carts? Let's get into it.

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Haute Couture

Every fashion trend comes from the runway in one way or another. Fringe, cutouts, hyper feminine, and more returning trends grace center stage. Let's take a look at some of the top trends of the season.


Kenneth Ize, Spring '22, Paris

Sickening stripes are in this season. To avoid becoming an ode to Beetlejuice, try color and combining horizontal and vertical outfits in one look. The fashion gawds have also added texture with stripes this season, so happy hunting! To see more from this designer, follow them on Instagram at @kennethize. He has wonderfully mastered the stripe sonata of fashion and I'm excited to see else he has to offer!

Mini Skirts

Chanel, Spring '22, Paris

We're giving Clueless this spring with mini skirts and the higher the skirt, the closer to God. While the skinny minnie's can get away with a small rectangle covering just enough of their lady bits, I'm sure my midsize crew will appreciate some length. Matching sets are my love language but a statement mini skirt and muted top will do just the trick.

Textured Tops

Chopova Lowena, Spring '22, London

The runway has never been known for wearability for most of its pieces. When selecting your textured tops, keep in mind that a statement piece should be the main attraction. All the other segments of your look should aim at complementing that statement. If that's not your cup of tea, fashion technically has no rules! If this look speaks to you then every single thing on your body can be a statement!

Bold Color

Courreges, Spring '22, Paris

A personal favorite of mine... bold, fun, and solar colors! Monochrome is also a theme this year so doubling up on trends will be easy this season. Channel Miss Whistledown with soft pastel colors or go bold with in your face hot pink or Granny Smith green. Whatever your prerogative, remember to incorporate trends into YOUR style.


Stella McCartney, Spring '22, Paris

Cutouts prevail leaving the Instagram baddie cutout style in the dust. Cutouts are artfully placed leaving sex appeal behind, making craftsmanship the focus.

Whatever your fashion plans for spring and summer, remember to have fun with your style. Follow me on Instagram to see how I incorporate these trends into my wardrobe.


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