How to Recreate an Outfit

Scrolling social media and seeing a MUST have outfit always gets the creative juices flowing.

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Creativity boosts are amazing! However, seeing an outfit you love but not having the components in your closet can be a little daunting. Fortunately, here are some ways we can go about getting (and serving) the look.

First Things First

You see the outfit, right? The natural thing to do is screenshot it! This way, the outfit can be referenced back to later. If you can't remember what the outfit looks like, then searching for ways to recreate it is silly, isn't it? Screenshot it and carry on to this next step. Here is how to on an iPhone, and here is how to with an Android. If you are on your laptop, you can simply take a picture of the screen with your phone. If not, use either the Snip & Sketch tool or follow Apple's guidelines.

See What You Have

Take a gander into your wardrobe and see which parts of the outfit you already possess. While having ten black turtlenecks in your closet can be fun, it doesn't align with the "baddie on a budget" lifestyle.

Image & Text Search

Google Image Search is your new best friend! Download Google (not to be confused with Google Chrome) in your App Store & either take a picture of your screen or select a screenshot from your gallery right in the Google app! If the item you’re searching for is no where to be found or is out of your price range, it’s time to get creative! Try describing the garment you’re looking for. If the world wide web has given too many options, try searching for what you’re looking for on your favorite lines website or app. This is where things do get a tricky so a little fashion education comes in handy.

Pick One or Multiple

Now that you’ve finally recreated the outfit, why not have it in multiple colors or variations? Imagine the same outfit for winter, spring, fall, and winter can be beneficial (if you like it that much lol) Making a fashion board & switching out different accessories can provide different vibe to the main outfit. It can elevate it to the baddie we were born to be or bring it down back to Earth.

Hurry Up & Wait

That extra $10 for express shipping is worth it right? Maybe so. Either way, now it’s time to sit tight and wait for that package to get to your closet. The incessant need for instant gratification can make this part slightly annoying. It’ll be all worth it in the end when you see your outfit come to life in that mirror!

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